Package Deals

Buy a package deal and save even more!   These packages are the BEST DEALS complete with everything you need. 

Vibrant LED backlit walls:
Impressive LED backlit displays in sizes up to 20' wide.

Pro-series 3D structures, towers, arches, & optional monitor mounts.
Pro-Package A:  10 foot booth for spaces that allow 10 feet high structures.
Pro-Package M: 10 foot booth for spaces limited to 8 feet in height.
Pro-Package B: 20 foot booth
Pro-Package C: 20x20 island booth
Pro-Package D: 20x20 island booth
Pro-Package E: 20x20 island booth

Popup package deals
Standard popup display walls in a roller case-podium
Package #1: 8 or 10 foot booth with back wall, 2 banners, lights, sealhawk case or roller case-podium.
Package #4: 20 foot booth with fabric popup, 2 banners, lights, roller case-podium.

TakeOff Exhibit Kits
Essential kits with a back wall display, lights, podium & optional Vibrant banner.
TakeOff Straight/Flat Wall: 10 foot booth with Pro Monitor Banner option
TakeOff Curved:  8 or 10 foot booth with curved back wall.


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