EZ-MySize custom-sized

Custom trade show booth

Custom-sized trade show booth displays made-to-order with free air shipping. EZ-MySize displays are modular displays that can be consecutively connected with any size and any number of these displays. Extend width, enclose space, or block off space.

Imagine being able to create any size of straight display that you want, not just pick from a few pre-fabricated frame sizes. Please use the cost calculator below.


Q: What can be connected?

A: An unlimited number of any size (any width, any height) EZ-Zip straight display, EZ-Block, or EZ-MySize. Each connection point requires an EZ-Connect foot, and the connection can be at 180 degrees (extend width), at 90 degrees (enclose space), or at 270 degree (block off space). EZ-Connect feet replace one of the display's feet, and connect two displays together. A few examples follow.

* A 10 ft EZ-Zip + a 20 ft EZ-Zip + a 10 ft EZ-Zip, enclosing a 10' deep x 20' wide space on 3 sides.
* 5 custom-sized EZ-MySize displays, each 7 feet wide, connected in a line to cover 35 feet of width.
* Perfect for trade show "island" or "peninsula" spaces, or to cover custom-sized architectural elements.


Q: Can I re-use the custom hardware and just replace the graphic prints?

A: Yes. And if you do single-sided this year, you can replace it next year with a double-sided print, or vice-versa.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Please contact us.


Q: How do I order?

A: Please email with the quantities and dimensions of the displays you want to make.


Q: Any other details?


These displays do not need to be bought all at once. You can add to them over time.

Minimum and maximum sizes: The minimum height is 3 ft. The minimum width is 3 ft. The maximum height is 10 ft. There is no maximum width (ex: 40 feet wide is OK). Widths wider than 10 ft will include more than 2 frame feet.

Dimension details: The bottom approximately 1.5" of the display are not covered by the graphic print. The height is measured from the highest point of the display to the ground. The width is measured from the left edge of the left pole to the right edge of the right pole. There is approximately 3/4" of foot plate that extends beyond the left edge of the display and another 3/4" of foot plate that extends beyond the right edge of the display. The final display will be within +/- 3/8" of the size ordered, or within +/- 0.8% of the linear width or height, whichever is larger.


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