How to order

1. Select your display, order on the site.

The best deals are in the Package Deals section.  The Print Only section is where you can re-skin your displays in the future.

Select the display you want to order.  Add it to your cart.  After all items that you want are in your cart, proceed to the checkout.  Fill-in your billing and shipping addresses here.  Pay for the order using Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Your receipt will be emailed to you, and your order number will be in the Subject line.

If a product or size is listed but you cannot order it on the site, please email us for a payment link.  

2. Design Graphics, 1 file per printed item.

You will need a graphic designer.  Have your graphic designer download the PDF design guide and layered blank template for each printed item in your order. These are located on the Graphics/Templates page.  One file per printed item is required.

3. Upload Files

Please then upload your files to the Upload page, continuing with the instructions there.  You can cut-paste the confirmation screen into your followup email after uploading completes.

File and design guidelines check

Our graphic staff will then check your files against design specifications and send you an email.  The email will either indicate start of production along with an estimated delivery date, or will list out any problems we found with the files.  


Production and Shipping

Your displays are produced, test installed, and then shipped out.  For Turnaround (Production) time and Shipping times, please see the Turnaround and Shipping time page.  A tracking number will be sent when it becomes available.

Shipments to countries/regions outside the US, please see the International Shipping page. 


Delivery by the carrier

If shipping directly to your trade show warehouse or site, we can print and paste the label that your show organizer has provided to you.  Please fill it out then send us the PDF to print after placing your order.  

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