How to send us files

Order Number
Your Order Number is in your receipt. Before uploading files, please place your order online.

Preparing files
Graphics requirements and blank templates are available on the Graphics page at the top of the site.

Please double-check all file dimensions before uploading. Please also check your artwork at full print size, 100% zoom on screen, looking for pixelation or other graphic artifacts that are not readily noticed when your design is zoomed out to fit on-screen. If in doubt, you can print out sections of your design on your desktop printer at 100% size. Your 100% size TIFF files are your dot-for-dot proofs of what is being printed. You should check your content before sending them to us for print.

Turnaround and shipping
The daily file receipt cut off time is 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 6 PM Pacific time, Monday through Friday.
See the Turnaround and Shipping page for production and shipping times.

You can use any of the following methods to send us your TIFF files. If your any of your files exceed 1.5GB in size after archive/zip, please ensure your layers are flattened and re-save/archive.

Option 1. Use Dropbox and share a folder. You can create a free account at After that, you can optionally download their sync software, or you can upload to their website. Please create a folder named with your order number, move all your files into it, and share that folder. Keep your computer syncing until the files completely upload.

Option 2. Use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and share a folder or your files. Create a folder with your order number and move all your files to that folder. Alternatively, archive/zip your files together and rename with your order number, and share that folder. Please ensure that permissions are set so that anyone with the link can view the files.

Option 3. Send as an Apple Mail large attachment. Files should be zipped or archived together.

Option 4. Slowest, truly not recommended. Place files on your server and send a link (When we need to download using your link, please allow 1 additional day for manual processing before production can begin.) Files should be zipped or archived together. Wetransfer links are not accepted.

Important. After files have completely finished uploading, please email us your list of file names. If multiple items are being made from the same file, please indicate quantities in the email. We will then confirm receipt and begin production.

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