10 ft booth Package #1 (New Options)





10' or 8' main display
Main display flat/straight or curved (see Add'l Info)
Transport case

Product Details

New!  Available with a easier-to-transport weatherproof case option. Please see the options at the bottom of this page.

Full featured and customizable:  10' package with a 10' display and 2 side banners, a weatherproof equipment case or a large heavy-duty podium case that can support a 27" monitor.  All printed items done on coordinated fabric.  Options can change the main display size and shape, side banners, and case.

* Easy to transport.  Everything packs and ships in either of the case options.
* Large and brilliantly bright.  A large 10' display with 2x 21W LED lighting.  
* Multi-purpose side banners.  2 side banners to complete your booth space.  You can use these separately in meetings, offices or events with limited floor space.

Recommended configuration for the brightest booth:
* Add 2 additional Advanced High-power LED popup display lights (for 4 total)

Recommended configuration for the easiest transport:
* Weatherproof equipment case option


1x 10' display in straight or curved shapes, or 1x 8' display with an extra side banner,
2x Awe-7 side banners,
2x Advanced High-power LED display lights,
1x hard roller transport case (choice of options),
1x case-to-podium graphic wrap (when podium-case selected)

Approximate packaged size and default configuration weight:
Weight: approximately 75 lbs. (34 kg)
Packaged size: approximately 28" W x 40" H x 17" D (71 cm x 17 cm x 100 cm)

For any configuration selected, all items ship in the selected transport case.  If selecting the podium-case, note that the display lights are stored in the case lid. 

Brilliant 10 foot fabric popup display with endcaps (TDD-FPU-10P)

Large hard transport case/podium with padded storage in-lid for lights

alt Case Podium insides

Two (2) Advanced high-power LED popup lights (TDD-LVCC-LEDPUHP)

Two 21W Advanced High-power Popup Display Lights included Two 21W Advanced High-power Popup Display Lights included

When selecting the podium-case, the case-to-podium wrap is made from coordinated fabric made from your design file.


Two (2) Awe-7 side banners TDD-B-R07 including hardware, prints, and carry bag. These can be different images.

Fabric banner Fabric banner

Additional Info:

10' or 8' main display.  The 8' option changes the 10' main display to an 8' display and adds a 3rd Awe-7 side banner to make up for the lost print area.   All side banner images can be different.  Please select the 8' option in the right column of this page.  There is no cost change. 

Straight or curved main display.  For straight displays, select either a Brilliant Fabric Popup or an EZ-Zip straight display.  Choosing "Curved EZ-Zip", the Brilliant Fabric Popup display will be replaced with either a 10' curved EZ-Zip fabric display or 8' curved EZ-Zip fabric display depending on whether you chose 10' or 8' as the main display size.  There is no cost change. 

NEW! Podium-case or weatherproof equipment case. 
Choosing the weatherproof case option replaces the podium case and its print wrap with an easily transportable, high-end weatherproof case that BoldMetal light wall displays use.   

Weatherproof case's specifications:
21” W x 35” H x 11” D (525 mm W x 878 mm H x 274 mm D)
Wheeled with handles
Waterproof rating: IP67
Impact protection rating: IK08
Not a podium.

Double-sided printing for the main 10' or 8' display
The backside of the straight Brilliant fabric popup display can be covered, or the backside of the curved EZ-Zip display can be printed.  To do so, please email.  The additional cost is $129 for a 10' display, or $99 for an 8' display.

In future years you can change your advertising message by getting graphic prints only.  All the above hardware can be re-used. 

Awe-1 retractable banners

Awe-7 and Awe-1 have the same print size.  The important difference is that Awe-7 can have its print user-replaced in the future.  This will allow you to re-brand re-message your hardware for years to come.  Awe-1 is spring-loaded, heavier and bulkier to ship, and is not available with the Sealhawk case option.  Both install in less than a minute.   To change to Awe-1, please email.  The additional cost is $20 per side banner. 

Graphics specifications and blank templates

Please point your designer to the Graphics link at the top of the site for graphics specifications and blank downloadable templates.  After placing your order, please upload your files to the Upload Files link at the top of the site, one file for each graphic print.

When doing the 8' or Curved options, please be sure to use the corresponding template for your main display.

10' Straight Brilliant Fabric popup TDD-FPU-10P.zip

8' Straight Brilliant Fabric popup TDD-FPU-8P.zip

10' Straight EZ-Zip Display TDD-ZIPPERED-10P.zip

8' Straight EZ-Zip Display TDD-ZIPPERED-8P.zip

10' Curved EZ-Zip Display TDD-ZIPPERED-10C.zip

8' Curved EZ-Zip Display TDD-ZIPPERED-8C.zip

Please also be sure to use the corresponding template for your side banners.

Awe-7 banner TDD-B-R07.zip

Awe-1 retractable DD-B-R01.zip


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