Pro-Packages include 3 dimensional towers, arches, back walls and side walls.  Monitors up to 36" (up to 20 lbs) can be mounted on either side of a tower or arch. 

Pro-Package M has been designed with max height to used in almost all booth spaces.  The entire display package packs into an optional hard roller case that converts into a podium.  Pro-Package M can add a double-sided Vibrant LED backlit banner at a specially discounted package price, less than a traditional unlit banner cost.

The 10x10 Pro-Package A takes the tower to 10 feet high and can have its front-lit LED back wall upgraded to a Vibrant LED backlit back wall for the most vivid presentation.  And by adding a second set, you can incrementally expand your booth to 20 feet wide.  Simply get a second set and mirror-install it so that the Vibrant LED backlit back walls are adjacent to each other, locking them together with a simple connector.  

The 20x10 Pro-Package B for a 20x10 booth extends the height of the tower and roof combo to 13 feet, and widens the arch to 4 feet.   An optional side wall allows you to enclose your space.

Pro-Package C, D, and E are designed for 20x20 islands.  Previously outfitting a 20x20 island may have cost around the same amount as building a real 20x20 building or physical shop.  These packages install to 13 feet high (10 feet high for Package E) and pack an incredible amount of punch.  Both can have multiple monitors mounted.

Please allow 2 weeks (1 week with rush) for production of Pro-Packages, followed by shipping.  Free shipping is included.  


Pro-Package A


Pro-Package B


Pro-Package C


Pro-Package D


Pro-Package E


Pro-Package M


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