TakeOff Exhibit Kit (Straight / Flat wall)




$699.00 $1,242.00

Vibrant Backlit Banner with package discount
Display lighting with package discount
Pro Monitor Banner with package discount

Product Details

Your sales are going to takeoff.  

What's TakeOff?
* Exactly what is needed:  a huge lighted backdrop and a large counter
* Discounted package cost
* Portable
* Free shipping

1x 10' straight EZ-Zip display,
1x Large trade show counter with storage,
2x LED display lights,
All items done on coordinated fabric.

Please see the individual product descriptions of the contents of this package deal.

1x 10' EZ-Zip display (TDD-ZIPPERED-10P), shown with lights.  Everything needed is included (frame, graphic print, canvas bag). Retail $704.

1x Large Trade Show Counter with Storage (TDD-TAB-LKMX).  Everything needed is included (hardware, graphic print, canvas bag). Retail $399.

2x LED display lights  (TDD-LVCC-LEDZIP).  Retail $139.


Available with a double-sided Vibrant backlit banner (TDD-LED-VBB5) at a discount, retail $599.


Extra bright LED display lights available (TDD-LVCC-LEDZIPHP-1)

Upgrade your LED lighting from 12 W x 2 (24 watts total) to 21W x 2 (42 watts total) by selecting the Advanced High-power LED Display Lights option.

Add a Pro Monitor Banner (Highly Recommended)

Bring life to your display by adding a Pro Monitor Banner (TDD-PMB-HAS).  Add now for package deal savings.  

Double-sided printing on the 10' display

Add double-sided printing changing the back side from white to printed for $99.  Please email to add this.  

Available with either a large counter (TDD-TAB-LKMX) or compact circular counter (TDD-TAB-SKMX).  

Your choice of a large or compact counter.  Both counters have a zippered internal storage space for brochures and business card storage.  By default the large counter is included.  If you want the compact circular counter instead, please email after placing your order.


Available with a 10' main display or an 8' main display.   
Change the 10' straight EZ-Zip display to an 8' straight EZ-Zip display (TDD-ZIPPERED-8P) and adds one (1) Awe-7 side banner to make up for the lost print area.   Please email if you want the this 8' option.
Awe-7 fabric banner with replaceable graphic print

Shipping dimensions and weights

The 10’ display and LED display lights:
* Approximate weight: 19.8 lbs (9 kgs) 10' display + 3 lbs (1.5 kg) LED lights
* Approximate shipping size:  10" x 11" x 31" (26 cm x 29 cm x 80 cm)

Large podium:
* Approximate weight: 28 lbs (12.7 kgs)
* Approximate shipping size:  32.5" x 21.6" x 5.5" (83 cm x 55 cm x 11.5 cm)

Vibrant double-sided LED backlit banner:
* Approximate weight: 17.6 lbs. (8 kg)
* Approximate shipping size:  35” x 12.5” x 5” (89 cm x 32 cm x 12 cm)

Graphic specifications and blank templates

The layered blank templates and PDF design guides can be downloaded from these links.

Straight 10’ EZ-Zip display TDD-ZIPPERED-10P.zip
Large counter’s graphic wrap TDD-TAB-LKMX.zip
Vibrant Backlit Banner (double-sided, you can send 2 different files) TDD-LED-VBB5.zip
Pro Monitor Banner TDD-PMB-HAS.zip

After placing your order, please upload your files to the Upload link at the top of the site.

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