Pro-Package A



$1,599.00 $2,305.00

Monitor mount (see Additional Info)
Double-sided back wall printing
Podium (see Additional Info)

Product Details

What's the Pro-Package series?
* Impressive 3D arches and towers, max height and max depth for max impact.   
* Monitor mounts on towers and arches (optional)
* LED front lit.  Optional LED backlit displays.
* Rich vivid fabric graphics can be updated, re-using the hardware
* Portable.  Made from snap-together aluminum tubes and high-resolution stretch fabric graphic.
* Free shipping

Pro-Package A is designed for a 10' W x 10' D x 10' H booth space.  Allow 2 weeks for production (1 week with Rush) followed by shipping.   


  • 1x 10 ft high Tower, retail $849
  • 1x Arch, retail $792
  • 1x Back wall, retail $535
  • 2x LED display lights, retail $139

Recommended options:

  • 5' Vibrant LED backlit double-sided banner  (TDD-LED-VBB5), add-on cost $299, separately $399, retail $678. Please email to add.
  • 7' Vibrant LED backlit double-sided banner (TDD-LED-VBB7), add-on cost $399, separately $499, retail $1378. Please email to add.
  • 1-2x Monitor mounts on tower and/or arch, $75/ea, retail $135
  • Upgrade back wall to Vibrant LED Backlit, $699, retail $1399
  • Please email to add-on options.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Tower:  approximately 3' W x 10' H x 1' D (90 cm W x 300 cm H x 30 cm D).
  • Back wall:  approximately 6.5' W x 7.5' H (200 cm W x 225 cm H),
  • Arch:  approximately 8' H x 8' D (240 cm H x 240 cm D),
  • Total weight including hardware and printed graphics, about 71 lbs (36.5 kg)
  • The tower and arch are approximately 35" W (90 cm W).

Additional info:

  • If your booth space does not allow for a 10' H structure or do not have 10' depth from aisle to back of booth, we can adjust either the depth to fit an 8' deep space, or the height to fit in 8' of height at no cost change.  Please email to do so after placing your order.  Alternatively you can get Pro-Package M which is 10' wide and slightly lower in height and depth.
  • This package has made-to-order hardware and graphics.  Please note the production time.  
  • Add a monitor mounts now as they cannot be separately ordered and added later.   Max monitor size 36", max weight 20 lbs (10 kg).   Pro-Package A's monitor mount vertical center is about 5' 3" (160 cm) off the ground, or about 61" (155 cm) above the bottom of the print.
  • The included tower has printing on all 4 sides including the back of the booth.  Similarly the arch has printing on all sides including top facing the ceiling, bottom facing the floor, outside facing the aisle, and inside.  The back wall has its back side white. The back wall can be printed double-sided for $109. 
  • The Large Podium with Graphic Print shown on this page is a podium not a case. 
  • Strongly Recommended:  Add a Large Hard Roller Case-Podium.  Everything (except an optional Vibrant back wall) will then ship in this case which converts to a podium with graphic wrap.  Images of this Case-Podium are found on Pro-Package M's page.
  • Add a side wall to install on the outside side of the arch, semi-enclosing the area.  Approximate dimensions are 94" W x  83" H (240 cm W x 210 cm H). It includes 2 free LED display lights.  When ordered with the package the side wall cost is $349, or double-sided $449.  Please email to add this to your package.
  • The Quick Start installation guide is here.

Expandable to 20' wide:

  • Order two Pro-Package A's, and when installing in a 20x10 space, place the two towers and arches away from each other.  Place the two back walls adjacent to each other.   Note that there will be a slight gap between the two back walls as they are not connected.  To remove the gap, you can later or in same order, additionally order a back wall that is twice as wide, using it in place of the two smaller back walls.  The double-wide back wall is approximately 13' W x 7.5' H (400 cm W x 225 cm H) and is $599 single-sided or $765 double-sided.

Pro-Package A with Vibrant option

  • When upgrading the back wall to Vibrant LED backlit, the included back wall and LED display lights are replaced with a Vibrant LED backlit back wall approximately 6.5' W x 8' H (77" W x 98" H) (196 cm W x 249 cm H).  The construction of this Vibrant LED backlit back wall is the same as this 10' wide Vibrant LED back wall, except for the dimensions.
  • Two Pro-Package A's with double-sided Vibrant LED backlit options can have their Vibrant LED backlit display frames lock together in place with 2 solid metal connectors that insert horizontally into the frames so that there is essentially no gap between the frames.  The frames are locked into perfect alignment.  The combined Vibrant LED backlit frames then span 13' W (154" W x 98" H) (392 cm W x 249 cm H).  You can optionally order a separate print from us that is twice as wide to can cover both Vibrant displays so that the thin aluminum edges of the frames between them cannot be seen.   

Graphic specifications and blank templates

The layered blank templates and PDF design guides can be downloaded from these links.

Pro-Package A (arch, back wall, tower)
Large Hard Roller Case-Podium
Large Podium with Graphic Print
Vibrant LED Backlit Banner (double-sided, you can send 2 different files)

After placing your order, please upload your files to the Upload link at the top of the site.

3D booth views

Pro-Package A 3D trade show booth Left view

Pro-Package A 3D booth front  view

Pro-Package A 3D 10 foot fabric booth right view

Pro-Package A 3D trade show booth floorplan view

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