All Seasons Event Tent C



$899.00 $1,625.00

Total with added options: $899.00

Product Details

Custom printed tent top, collapsible frame, a full backwall graphic, and outside-facing half-height graphics on the left and right.  All Seasons Event Tent model C encloses and brands your tent space on 3 sides and the top.


Includes the collapsible tent frame, full color custom graphics tent top, and storage bag.
* Weight: Approximately  68 lbs (~ 31 kg)
* Approximate assembled size:
  Approximately  118" W x  130" H x  118" D ( ~ 300  cm x  330 cm  H x  300 cm)

Additional Info

Model C has outwards facing side graphics.  If you foresee using your tent with inwards facing graphics, we recommend getting the more complete model D instead.  You can choose to install or leave off graphics on model D, temporarily converting it to a model A, B, or C.

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