8 ft Full-graphics Fitted Tablecloth





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4-sided full color custom printed table cloth covers your entire table, top, front and back, left and right.

If a table is part of your exhibit, a full color tablecloth is a must.   You can print your text, logos and design everywhere on the tablecloth.  The back is covered, giving you maximum flexibility in placement of your table now and into the future.   Covering all sides means that can store materials under your table and place your table anywhere without your materials becoming an eye-sore or exposed for others to see.

Can be machine washed gentle or dry cleaned. Full color custom printed and dye sublimated.

Important note about 8' fold-up tables

Because of the various foot locations on 8' fold-up tables, we recommend doing an 8' draped.  There is no cost difference. 

Unlike 6' fold-up tables, we have noticed that fold-up tables from different manufacturers have different placement of the legs/feet.  To ensure a good fit, the spacing between the feet where they meet the ground is needed.  You will need to provide us these numbers if you order an 8' fitted tablecloth.  This may vary as much as 9" in some cases, so if you are attending a show and renting a table, you should get an 8' draped tablecloth instead to be safe. 


One full color custom printed fitted tablecloth for a standard fold-up 8' table, table dimensions 96" (8') wide x 30" deep x 29" high.  

Custom 8 foot table cloth dye sublimation printed edge to edge, all sides covered.  Print any design in unlimited colors on part or the entire cloth.

For Swimming Pool Trade Show

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