10-pack Mini-X Countertop X Banner Stand with Prints





Product Details

Pack of 10 Mini-X Banner Stands with prints. When space is limited, choose this countertop banner stand. Perfect for retail cashier counters, application desks, bar counters, or any sales opportunity.
Prints are replaceable.   You can order graphic prints only, re-using the stands.

The tension stands accommodate a range of print sizes, as small as 9" W x 16" H, to as large as 11" W x 16"H.

We will accept file sizes between this range.  The default size is 9" W x 16" H.  
There is no additional cost for the larger print size up to 11" W x 16" H.  If your print size is larger than 9" W x 16" H, you just need to email so after placing your order. 

Bulk pricing

Different files may be printed, min 1 pack of 10 per file.  Free shipping.

20x 10 packs  (200 stands with prints) $697 total
50x 10 packs (500 stands with prints) $1439 total
100x 10 packs (1000 stands and prints) $2665 total
150x 10 packs (1500 stands and prints) $3731 total

Quantities in-between are in-proportion to the lower quantity bracket price.  Ex: 300 stands with prints is $1045.50  Please email to place a bulk pricing order.


Ten (10) Mini-X banner stands, Ten (10) identical custom printed graphics in full-color on tear-resistant vinyl.

Weight: Approximately 2 lbs.
Using 9" W x 16" H prints, the approximate assembled size is 9" W x 17" H x 8" D.

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