Halogen Display Lights

Halogen lighting comes in 150W and 50W lamps. We have a display light for our pop-up displays (usable on both our fabric pop-up and vinyl photomural pop-up displays), and display light for the Awe retractable banner or Combo banner-integrated literature rack.

These super bright 150W floodlights are designed to attach the top of the pop-up displays sold on our site.  These lamps make your displays shine and draw attention to your booth.  In a trade show environment where everyone is competing for attention, the more lighting that you have, the more you stand out. Lighting gives you the most bang for the buck, and can be re-used from show to show even if your print/graphic changes. We recommend mounting as many lights as you possibly can onto your displays.

These use art gallery style MR16 50W lamps. 50W lamps are for use on our retractable and Orient banners, and another style is for use on our popup displays. 

On a popup display, why use 50W lights instead of 150W lights?  
For those intended to exhibit in the LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center), 150W halogen lamps are not allowed, and 50W display lights are allowed. Another advantage of using more 50W display lights instead of fewer 150W display lights is that more lights balance light more evenly across a popup display. 

For best effect, please buy pop-up display lights in the following numbers.
8’ popup display: 2 lights.
10’ popup display: 2 or 4 lights.
15’ popup display: 6 lights.
20’ popup display: 4 or 8 lights.

In both cases of 150W halogen lights and 50W halogen lights, most hardware or home improvement stores will stock replacement bulbs if needed.

Lighting for use when exhibiting internationally is separately available. Halogen display lighting comes in 2 voltages, 110-120V and 220-240V. 110V is standard outlet voltage in the US and Canada as well as certain other countries if exhibiting internationally. 110V is what you should order for trade shows in the US and Canada. 

We also stock 220-240V lamps are outfitted with a 220-240V halogen bulb and is designed for use internationally. Please check the line voltage of the overseas country where you plan to exhibit. For these 220-240V display lights, the physical plug is a standard Europlug ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europlug ) that looks like two round pins. You may or may not need a separate physical plug shape adapter (not sold on our site) depending on in which country you plan to use these.  

We recommend getting lighting together with your display, in the same order so that you will have the lighting in-hand at your show to shine and stand out.

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