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Use EZ-Block for crowd control as a low barrier or to block off an area. EZ-Block is about 3 feet high (35") and available in two sizes, small (39" wide) and large (78" wide).   EZ-Block displays can be connected to extend the total width, and can be connected at 90 degrees.  To connect EZ-Block displays, simply order an EZ-Connect connector foot. To connect 2 displays, order 1 connector foot. To connect 3 displays, order 2 connector feet.  An unlimited number of EZ-Block displays can be connected using EZ-Connect feet.

The minimum quantity is 2 (graphics can be different).

The print can be separately ordered later to update your graphics, re-using your frame.  The print-only can be ordered here.

Mix and match.  EZ-Block and flat wall EZ-Zip displays can be connected together to extend width or at 90 degrees to enclose or block-off an area.  Please see the EZ-Connect page for details.


EZ-Block stretch fabric barrier, size large


Includes the EZ-Block (large) snap-together aluminum tube frame, zippered stretch fabric graphic print, and canvas bag.
* Weight: Approximately 11.2  lbs  (5.1 kg)
* Approximate assembled size with base:
  Approximately 78" W x 35" H x 19.7" D (198 cm W x 89 cm H x 50 cm D)

Easy to transport, shown disassembled below.  Installs in less than 5 minutes.

Contents, EZ-Block large shown disassembled 

Additional Info

Side view:

Tension fabric line control barrier view from side

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