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The brightest clamp-on retractable banner light.  The LED Retractable Banner Light with universal venue, universal voltage (100V-240V) power supply clamps onto the support pole of our retractable banners.

Lighting is a key ingredient to your success at a trade show. In a trade show environment that has ambient lighting similar to a fluorescent-lit office environment, customers walking aisle after aisle, row after row, tend to blur booths together. Lighting makes you stand out and is re-usable show after show. Be that booth that attracts a crowd.

+ Compatible with the Awe-1 "Classic" and Awe-5 "Contour" retractable banners
+ Compatible with the Banner-Integrated literature Rack.
+ Can be used at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and at other convention centers at home and abroad. Use overseas may require a physical plug shape adapter.


LED retractable banner light with plug-in power adapter. 
Weight: Approximately 1 lb.
Assembled size:  Approximately 17” long with approx. 118” cord.

Contents shown

LED banner light for retractable banner contents 

5W LED bulb included
LED Retractable Banner light 5W bulb included

Power adapter with standard 2-prong plug included.
LED Retractable Banner light power supply included

Power supply closeup

Power supply closeup 

Additional Info

Mounted, shown from front

Mounted, shown from front 

Mounted, viewed from back

Mounted view from back

 Closeup of clamp

Retractable banner LED light clamp closeup

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