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Frame Parts: "X"
Channel bars, Flexibands

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Select the type of part and number of parts ~in~ a pack using the OPTIONS to the right. Changing the "Qty" box changes the number ~of~ packs.

Order parts for vinyl photomural panel popup displays here. Your existing display has prints made from thick vinyl rolled panels which attach magnetically to your popup frame. Note that if your frame has a single fabric sheet that mounts on it, you need to order "Frame Parts for Straight Fabric Popup Displays" instead.

Parts for ~Curved~ displays and parts for ~Straight~ displays are Different.

Vertical or Horizontal "X" bars:

The "X" bars on the frame can be replaced with a screwdriver.   Each "X" consists of 2 poles joined in the center. Vertical and horizontal X parts are different. Vertical means that the X is standing up when installed. Horizontal means that the X is lying down when installed.

1 vertical "X" is shown below.

1 horizontal "X" is shown below. Note that there is an additional hole on the horizontal X's as shown in the zoom-in.

Complete frame (no channel bars, no flexibands, no print):

The complete frame is the popup frame, without the bag of channel bars and flexibands required for installation.

An 8' complete frame is shown below

A 10' complete frame is shown below

Channel bars, Horizontal bars, Flexible bands:

Channel bars install vertically and are stiff. Horizontal bars are stiff with both ends squared-off and for ~straight~ displays only. Flexibands are flexible and for ~curved~ displays only, installating horizontally at the bottom of the display (bottom, middle sections, not on the endcap areas).

1 vertical channel bar is shown below

1 horizontal bar is shown below

1 flexiband is shown below

A "Complete bag of channel bars and flexibands" for a 10' curved vinyl display is shown below

Black plastic connectors:

“WITH hooks" are for the top row of the frame to hang panels. “WITHOUT hooks” are for all other locations on the frame.

WITH hooks is shown below on the left. WITHOUT hooks is shown below on the right.

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