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The World’s Brightest, Most Evenly Lit, Strongest and Largest

Bold and graphically inspiring, BoldMetalTM is designed to make your and your booth the highlight of the trade show hall.  BoldMetalTM is unique and not for everyone.  The frame and graphic materials are exceptionally high quality in materials, looks, and feel.   And it all packs in right-sized all-weather equipment cases with roller wheels.  Assembly on-site is easy and tool-less.  BoldMetal-10 is shown in the photo below.

Brightest lightbox for trade show booth

What is BoldMetal?

  • The brightest, highest power mobile LED backlit display.
  • The most even, shadow-free, hotspot-free light source.
  • The strongest material, all-metal frame.
  • The most bold and beautiful replaceable graphics of all our displays.
  • The largest size mobile LED backlit display spanning up to 20’ W x 10’ H.
  • The highest quality surface finish that you can see and feel.
  • Free shipping


Your BoldMetal display is the brightest, highest power mobile LED backlit display that you can buy.  At 3 to 6 times the front graphic brightness of typical backlit displays, you will stand out and not be lost in the increasingly visually noisy signage.  The 10’ model commands an array of 630 1W LEDs for over 62370 lumens of light.  The 20’ XL model packs an astonishing 1620 1W LEDs for 160380 lumens of light.  Photos shown with laptop set to max brightness.

MOST EVEN Array Lighting


The entire front is evenly lit edge to edge graphics.  BoldMetal uses Array Lighting, high LED density, and specialty 160 degree dispersion lenses, resulting in shadow-free, hotspot-free illumination.   As an ideal even light source for your graphic, it is suitable for all designs including photographic, a mix of words and images, corporate designs, solid color or even minimalist designs with an all-white background. Your display will not have hot spots or unsightly shadows.

ALL-METAL frame and connectors

The all-metal frame is strongest mobile display material, and has thickness to give a sturdy wall-like feel when installed.  The high-end aluminum frame will not crack, become yellow or degrade over time or during transport.  When you exhibit, it will reinforce your image of quality and stability, increasing your customer’s confidence in you and your company.



In addition to standard 8’ heights, BoldMetal-10XL and 20XL are 10’ high (3m), the world’s biggest mobile backlit display.  The entire frame and including frame segment connections area all-metal, resulting in a unique structural integrity enabling the higher heights.  BoldMetal-20XL is 20’ wide x 10’ high, making your exhibit the trade show hall’s center stage, definitely not to be missed.



What happens if your booth is accidentally exposed to rain, snow, slush, or mud on its way to your show?  Now you have one less thing to worry about.  BoldMetal comes in two tough watertight protective mobile LED display cases with IP67 and IK08 ratings.  Inside, your equipment is impact protected with fitted EVA foam.  Outside, the cases have roller wheels and are right-sized for easy transport. 

Modular Lightbox

Multiple BoldMetal displays can create wider back walls, L-spaces, or semi-enclosed U-spaces.

Pro-grade Power

Heavy-duty plug and play LED power supplies in aluminum cases are IP67 waterproof rated. 

Extreme Blockout

White Wall Block blocks light like a wall. The backside utilizes a hybrid cover specifically designed to route all inside light power through the front side graphic, not letting light be lost out the back.

A half-hour

Designed to be mobile and easy to install, you do not need any tools to complete installation.  2-person installation of BoldMetal-10 completed in a half-hour.

No compromises.  Go BoldMetal.



Overlooked or walked-by, nothing down that aisle

Broken plastic frame, duct tape


Dirty from rain, snow or mud

Excess over-size shipping surcharges

Unsightly shadows

Splotchy dark areas on solid color graphics




The top, bottom, left, and right sides are metal and closed, preventing light loss out the top or bottom.  The back side is covered with a hybrid white reflective fabric, White Wall Block, to reflect all light through the front graphic.  All frame and frame structure connectors are metal.

Assembled dimensions
BoldMetal-10:  113” W x 93” H x 6” D (288 cm W x 237 cm H x 16 cm D)  
Feet are 20” D (50 cm D)
No 45 degree edges.  All edges are 90 degrees.

Packaged dimensions and weight
BoldMetal-10:  2 hard roller cases, total 156 lbs (71 kg)

Hard roller equipment case specifications
21” W x 35” H x 11” D (525 mm W x 878 mm H x 274 mm D)
EVA interior equipment protection
Wheeled with handles
Waterproof rating: IP67
Impact protection rating: IK08


Power supply specifications
Input voltage:  100-260 VAC (worldwide)
Input frequency: 50-60 Hz (worldwide)
Output voltage: 24 VDC
Rated output power:
BoldMetal-10:  2x 500W (1000W total)
Plug type:  NEMA-5-15P, standard grounded 3-prong plug for US.
Waterproof rating:  IP67
Amperage at 120V:  5.25A
Cable fasteners: ABS, nylon
Only low-voltage in-frame.


Light source specifications
Array or Edge lit:  Array

Number of LED lights in array
BoldMetal-10:  630 LEDs
BoldMetal-10XL:  810 LEDs
BoldMetal-20:  1260 LEDs
BoldMetal-20XL:  1620 LEDs
Power per LED: 0.9W
Lumens per LED watt: 110 lumens

Total lumens output by light array
BoldMetal-10:  62,370 lumens
BoldMetal-10XL:   80,190 lumens
BoldMetal-20:  124,740 lumens
BoldMetal-20XL:   160,380 lumens
Color temperature:  Approximately 6500K (Natural white)
Lens dispersion angle: 160 degrees
Top and bottom of frame are closed (no light loss out top/bottom)
Circuit boards RoHS and CE certified

Production time for BoldMetal

BoldMetal is made to order and considered custom-made hardware with a custom print.  Allow 10 business days for preparing the hardware.  The graphic file for print can be provided to us during this time or later, and allow 2 business days for the graphic to be produced.  


Mobile describes the ability to take it in a car or van from place to place (No over-size or speciality shipping required) and be assembled without tools, without the need to hire professional assemblers or installers.

All-metal frame describes the frame segments, frame segment connectors, and feet.  Wire fasteners are plastic or non-metal insulators.  Plastic frame segments and frame segment connectors are not used to avoid the possibility of breakage preventing installation.  

The BoldMetal series light walls are part of the Bold3D brand owned by TDDisplays.

Graphic Specifications and Blank Template

The layered blank template and a PDF design guide can be downloaded from this link. 

BoldMetal-10 Foot LED Light Wall

After placing your order, please upload your files to the Upload link at the top of the site.


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