20 foot Straight popup display (Package #6, Straight)





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For new customers and those new to exhibiting, please order Package #4 or #5 instead.  Package #4 and #5 are 20 foot straight display packages which are significantly easier to install, easier to transport, and are made from a single piece of material for the best looking presentation.  This 20 foot vinyl magnetic panel package is only available to customers who have previously ordered a straight vinyl display with magnetic panels. 

20 foot straight trade show display with full graphics edge-to-edge.  Includes 2 case-podiums with custom printed graphics wraps and 4 display lights.  The popup structure is about 1 foot deep and can be placed up against a wall or in front of your show-provided booth back drape.  Custom printing is included on the front and endcaps, and also on the two included transport case podium wraps.

This package includes everything shown in this picture plus two Awe retractable banners:

20 foot straight popup display

This booth retails at $8685. Triple Discount Displays price: $1689 plus $198 air shipping.

20' popup with 11 graphic panels including graphic endcaps.  Retail $7300 

Two Large hard transport case/podiums. Retail $495


Four (4) 150W halogen popup display lights (120V) TDD-L-150W120VPU Retail $174 each



Two (2) Case-to-podium wraps made from your design file. Retail $300.


Two (2) Awe Retractable Stands TDD-B-R01-V including 31"x80" graphic print from your design file.

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Graphics printing production

This full color graphics trade show display makes a memorable impression on your visitors. Your graphics are custom printed on the finest quality materials using the highest quality printers.  Printing is done at an amazing 1440 dpi, more than 14 times higher resolution than some others.

Please note that this product will fit perfectly in a standard 20 foot trade show boot with a few inches to spare on both sides of your booth boundaries.

This graphic design guides and blank templates are here.

Please pardon the rough nature of the following two photos. They are not in the polished trade show floor environment, and we only could photograph part of the front-side because it is so wide. 

20 foot popup (right side)

The back-side of the 20 foot display:

Back of 20 Foot Popup

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