Pop 20 foot Serpentine popup display (Package #6, Serpentine)



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Single or double-sided 20' serpentine display
Side banners
Lighting for the 20' display

Product Details

This 20' package can be be extended to 28' wide see Note 1 below.

Pop 20 foot serpentine trade show display package with full graphics edge-to-edge made from vinyl graphic panels that magnetically attach to the frame.  Includes 2 case-podiums with custom printed vinyl graphics wraps, 2 Awe classic retractable banner stands, and 4x 150W display lights. 

* Photorealistic display,
* Extendability to 28' wide or wider,
* 2 Large transport cases that convert to podiums.


* 20' Quick-lock quick-assemble Popup frame hardware,
* Associated channel bars and bands,
* 10 custom photomural graphic panels depending on configuration,
* Magnetic strips pre-attached to the photomural panels backings,
* 4x 150W Halogen display lights,
* 2x Awe Classic Retractable banners TDD-B-R01-V with graphic prints,
* 2x Large wheeled transport cases that convert to a podiums,
* 2x Case-to-Podium graphic wraps

Approximate weight: 190 lbs.
Approximate storage size: 
  2 roller cases, each approximately 28" x 16" x 40" tall
Serpentine display approximate assembled size with lights:
  Approximately 20' wide x 8' high.

Everything shown packed into the 2 included large transport cases

Podium roller cases

The 20' Pop photomural serpentine package includes all the hardware and all the printing. 

Four display lights included

Gullwing 4 display lights included

Two Awe-1 retractable banners with vinyl prints included. Images can be different.
Awe Retractable banner included Awe Retractable banner included

Additional Info

Note 1: How to extend the 20' serpentine display to 28' ? Get this item and our 8 foot Pop photomural curved popup display.  The right-most panel of the Serpentine and the left-most panel of the 8' are at the same location when the two displays are spanned by one of those endcap panels.  By clever design of this spanning panel to be used as either a spanning panel, a right-side endcap panel, or a left-side endcap panel, you can use these two displays either independently or together. 

Shown below extended to 28'

Scientific Instrumentation Exhibit 

Scientific Instrumentation Expo booth side

Really, quite amazing.

Scientific Instrumentation 30 foot booth


Additional 8' curved popup display added to the right side of the 20' serpentine 

Also get our Pop 8 foot photomural curved popup display with your order.  To extend to 30' instead, get our Pop 10 foot photomural curved popup display.


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