20 foot EZ-Zip Package (Package #5)




20' display shape
Single or Double-sided
Tablerunners or Tablecloths

Product Details

Most compact and Lightest weight 20' trade show package. Weighs about 53 lbs and fits into two 30" suitcases (most 30" suitcases, suitcase not included).

Recommend for:
* Ultra lightweight and Extremely compact when stored.
* Can be packed into two 30" suitcases.

PERFECT for CHECKED-IN LUGGAGE.   With the contents split at shown below, the contents of each suitcase is about 26.5 lbs (~12 kg) including all the hardware and all the prints, excluding the weight of the luggage cases.

20 foot Trade show display checked in luggage 


1 20' EZ-Zip display (tube frame, zippered print, bag),
2 Awe-7 banner stands and prints (can be different images),
2 Full-graphics Tablerunners (can be different images),
2 Tabletop LED backlit displays (can be different images)

Not included:  Suitcases, tables and solid color tablecloths.  Tables and solid color tablecloths many times are provided by your show organizer.

This package includes 7 printed items.  The two Awe-7 banners can be different images.  The two tablerunners can be different images, and the two LED tabletop displays can be different images.  Please submit a total of 7 files, one for each printed item.  For future shows, you can replace the graphic prints for everything in this package deal.  The package is designed so that you can re-use your hardware, replacing just the graphic prints.

Shown with all hardware and graphic prints placed in two 30" suitcases.  

Shown packed in a 30

The longest frame segment is shown below.  As suitcases vary slightly in dimensions depending on manufacturer and model, we recommend that you first get your trade show package, then your suitcases.

20 foot straight zippered display longest tube segment 

Please see the individual product descriptions of the contents of this package deal.

20' straight EZ-Zip display.  (TDD-ZIPPERED-20P).  Unlimited colors are allowed. 

Two (2) Awe-7 Side Banner Stands including graphics TDD-B-R07. Your two Awe banners banners can be 2 different designs.  The prints are made on matching fabric to ensure an impressive, consistent presentation.

First Awe-7 fabric banner

Second Awe-7 fabric banner

Two 30" W x 84" H full-graphics tablerunner (table and solid color tablecloth not included in the package).  Can be different designs.  Unlimited colors are allowed. Most customers drape their tablerunner onto the center of their table, instantly branding a solid color table that is normally provided by your event organizer.



Graphic specifications and blank templates

Please point your designer to the Graphics link at the top of the site for graphics specifications and blank downloadable templates.  After placing your order, please upload your 7 files to the Upload Files link at the top of the site.

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