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Let there be light!  Many trade show venues are somewhat dimly lit.   Any booth without lighting fades into the background noise.  Have you noticed that when you yourself walk down the endless aisles of a trade show that you always stop for a look at booths with bright colorful displays? Shine out and get noticed. 

Please note that the minimum order quantity is 4 with the same image.

Prints are replaceable, so you can change your advertising message and re-use the hardware. 


Includes the LED frame hardware, graphic print and a universal power adapter (100V - 240V).
* Weight: Approximately 2.4 lbs.
* Approximate size in landscape position:
  Approximately 13.3" W x 10.4" H x 3.5" D (~0.5” display body + ~3” supports)  

Back view

Back side view 

Additional Info

The Tabletop LED display can be placed either in portrait or landscape positions. 

Automotive trade show use, landscape graphic

Note: This tabletop display is LED backlit, and when compared to the same print not backlit (powered off) or other prints, colors may appear slightly different, brighter, or appear less or more saturated or appear more glossy because of the back-lighting.
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