BoldMetal LED Light Walls

The World’s Best, Brightest, Most Evenly Lit, Strongest and Largest mobile light walls.  

TDDisplays is celebrating 12 years of service.  We are sincerely grateful to our customers who years ago ordered our first Brilliant Fabric Popups and are still refreshing their displays with print-only graphics.  BoldMetal is designed to serve you for years to come.

Available for 10x10, 10x20, and 20x20 booth spaces or larger and in heights up to 10' high.  20' wide models automatically include the conversion to 10' wide, with everything except the 10' fabric covers included in the 20' models. 

All models include all the hardware, the printing, hard shipping cases, and free shipping.  You just need to provide the files to print.

Available to order now:
  BoldMetal 10, 10' LED Light Wall

Email to be notified of availability to order:
 BoldMetal 10XL, 10' x 10' high LED Light Wall,
 BoldMetal 20, 20' LED Light Wall,  
 BoldMetal 20XL, 20' x 10' high LED Light Wall

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